Turn ten types of innovation into a new competitive strategy

In our book we define innovation as anything new an organisation does, and we focus on three main types of innovation – product, service and process – largely because of the major role that the Operations function plays in delivering these.  But since the concept relates to “anything” the organisation initiates, there are other forms of innovation, and these have been neatly categorised by Larry Keeley in his book Ten Types of Innovation.  Keeley is the co-founder of Doblin, a consulting company that specialises in innovation, based on this framework (click here for more detail about the ten).

The ten types are:

  1. Profit model.
  2. Network.
  3. Structure.
  4. Process.
  5. Product performance.
  6. Product structure.
  7. Service.
  8. Channel.
  9. Brand.
  10. Customer engagement.

A key point about these types is that whilst each might be considered separately one from the other, their power lies in selecting and integrating some (or all) of the ten in order to create a unique competitive strategy.  Often new entrants into a market arrive with a new business model, which arises out of them innovating in a combination of these ways.

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