How Disney is leveraging digital technologies to enhance their “magic”

Previously we have blogged (28 August) about Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Review, which provides insights as to how companies are using digital technologies to transform their business model and operations.  This consulting company also has a number of more in-depth insights into how companies are innovatively exploiting this technology’s capabilities – one of which is about Disney (click here).

There are basically four ways in which this entertainment giant is deploying new technology:

  1. To improve the customer experience – by using analytics to significantly upgrade its ability to forecast at both the macro and micro level.
  2. Enhance operational efficiency – in particular by scheduling and deploying their thousands of ‘cast members’.
  3. Personalising customers’ experiences through connected products – through the development of ‘MyMagic’, which provides each visitor with their ‘MagicBand’, a wristband embedded with a RFID chip.  The band has multi-functionality which includes serving as a park admission ticket, hotel room key, retail payment system, and etc.
  4. Creating interactive experiences arose multi channels – with redesigned servicescapes in their retail outlets that include interactive screens.
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