“Ten technologies that will revolutionise car manufacturing”

Thanks to Jalopnik.com for this.  We have already blogged about some of these things, but not all.  In summary these new technologies are:

  1. Wearables.
  2. Solar energy.
  3. Camless engines.
  4. Energy storage.
  5. Just-in-time sales model (i.e. mass customisation).
  6. Vehicle automation.
  7. The gigafactory.
  8. Electric propulsion.
  9. The modular chassis.
  10. Carbon fibre/composite materials.

However since drafting this post, I have come across two more ‘revolutionary technologies’.:

11.  Fuel cells.  Toyota will put vehicles on sale in Europe next year that use this energy source (electricity derived from a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen).       12.  Connectivity.  A car will be able to use the internet to automatically report an accident and report faults that it has self-diagnosed.

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