My name is Caramel Macchiato

Dave Gorman deals with many aspects of modern life that have OM implications (see previous blog).  Last night he also talked about what name he gives when asked for it in a coffee shop.  He explained that he cringes when this happens, and he suspects that other people do too.  So he has taken to using all kinds of coffee related pseudonyms when asked for it (such as ‘Caramel Macchiato’).  I found this very funny because I too never give my real name in this situation, partly because Peter is relatively common and could lead to confusion, but also because why should I?

Which is why this YouTube video misses the point.  It is a spoof about Starbucks and employees who deliberately misspell customers names.  It too is funny.   But the customer gets the last laugh if they’ve used a pseudonym anyway….

PS The language in the video is explicit.

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