The role of operations in successful exporting

Open to export, a free online web community for operators interested in expanding their markets overseas, have produced this 15 page brochure outline “10 Steps to export success”.  It would be easy to think that exporting is largely a sales and marketing activity.  But as this brochure illustrates, operations have a key role, as I highlight here.

Step 1 Getting started – the operations function has to consider capacity planning and product modifications.

Step 2 Market research – understand how OWs may be different, especially for cultural, social or religious reasons.

Step 3 Product research – may identify labelling and packaging issues, and selling price will have to include additional costs of transporting goods overseas

Step 4 Route to market – operators will probably have to design a new distribution channel, especially if in their own market they have their own transport fleet.

Step 5 Creating opportunities – operations managers may need to visit these new markets and participate in relevant trade fairs

Step 6 Terms of sale – limited operations input here

Step 7 Legal considerations – products must comply with local statutes and relations concerning any manufactured goods

Step 8 Paperwork – additional documents may be required to accompany the goods along the distribution channel

Step 9 Finance & insurance – no operations input here

Step 10 Management and improvement – operations need to respond to feedback on their export performance

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