Where haute couture meets logistics and ecommerce

You need a highly developed and sophisticated logistics system if you are going to deliver thousands of goods to customers’ homes.  But an even better system if you then routinely expect those goods to be returned two days later.  That’s what Rent the Runway does.

It appears from research that nearly half the clothes and accessories purchased by women are only worn once – often for a special occasion.  And social media is increasing this likelihood, as women do not want their image posted on line wearing the same outfit.  This has created a market for renting clothes, jewellery and accessories, tapped into by RtR.  Daily they are shipping 65,000 dresses and 25,000 items of jewellery around the USA, and their expected turnover this year will be $100 million.  Since they dry clean all the returned clothes in house, they will shortly become the biggest dry cleaning business in the country.

All of this and more is explained in an article by Steven Bertoni on the Forbes.com website.


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