How Morgan designs and builds motor cars – beautifully

OK I have to admit I’m biased.  I’ve always wanted a Morgan, and way back in 1972 I visited the Morgan factory to ‘buy’ one.  At that time the waiting list was two years, but to make sure you were committed, Morgan reinforced your enthusiasm by giving you a factory tour and taking you for a test drive around the Malvern Hills. Both the tour and the drive are etched in my memory.

This video is 20+ minutes and focuses on two aspects of the operation – how Morgan Car Company designs its cars and how it builds them.  Along the way you also get a good sense of their organisational culture and their quality management strategy.   It neatly illustrates our Operations Insight 9.2 (page 235).

PS  And no, I never did get my Morgan.  18 months after placing my order I was opening my restaurant in Brussels, and to help with cash flow I asked them to cancel my order and refund my deposit.  And the restaurant?  That’s another story…

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