How ‘Founders’ of companies may be different and how this affects growth

We firmly believe that to run operations well there needs to be a strong, supportive organisational culture (as discussed on pages 298-300).  But the precise nature of that culture can vary, albeit often categorised into four different types, for simplicity’s sake. We also talk about how operations may change as the firm grows in size, especially service firms and their life cycle (see pages 74-76).  A key stage in the SFLC is the growth stage, where the organisation has to recruit outside managers into the organisation, often in emerging functional areas such as marketing, human resources and finance.

Now Bain & Company, in their Founders Mentality blog, have highlighted the idea that the founders of firms may also vary, and this a will affect how firms grow and integrate the new professionals into the company and its culture. Their four types are:

  1. The Founder as King
  2. The Founder as Court
  3. The Founder as Integrator
  4. The Founder as Creator of Kingdoms
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