There’s more than one type of pop-up

I was interested to see this story about the creation of a ‘permanent’ venue for pop-up restaurants.  Shuttlecock Inc is in the business of planning and operating pop-ups, as their website explains.  They have just leased a building in London, which they are calling Carousel, for the specific purpose of allowing others to operate pop-ups in this space – as one the challenges in this business is finding suitable locations for this phenomenon.

This got me thinking about pop-ups- what they are, their purpose, and the extent to which they are all the same.  My early conclusion is that there are three basic types, as follows:

  • Event pop-up – as Shuttlecock illustrates, event and party organisers are using this term to describe their operations, especially if their event is not for a specific client, but open to the general public.
  • Innovation pop-up – restaurateurs and retailers are setting up a pop-up in order to test and trial their concept (as we discussed in a blog two months ago) – hence the need for Carousel.
  • New location pop-up – established operators set up a temporary operation in a new location, either in response to market demand or to stimulate market demand.
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