Water water everywhere – but maybe not?

Many operations, in many different sectors of industry, need water – either as a raw material (brewing) or as part of the production process (flight catering, steel making).  In the UK it tends to be something that we take for granted, because generally speaking it’s not a scarce resource.  But in the last couple of days two stories caught my attention, and both stressed how important water is to OM.

The first link is to the Deloitte website and focuses on the concept of ‘Water Stewardship’.  There is both a report on this concept, as well as a six minute video.  They emphasise that water scarcity is a risk to business continuity, and hence policies have to be adopted that reduce this risk and assure supply.

This neatly leads to the second story, which reports that operators in the UK food and drink manufacturing industry have reduced their water usage by 15% between 2012 and 2013 and saved £2 million in water costs.  The link explains the role that different agencies have played in promoting and achieving better water usage, as well as provides insights into how this has been done.

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