A new auto manufacturing ‘technology’ – superglue

I was interested to see a headline in The Manufacturer “JLR put hopes in new technology”.  So I read the article to find out what this was… and it turns out that Jaguar Land Rover are going to assemble the fourth generation Range Rover using superglue rather than welding.  Apparently one vehicle needs to 170 metres of glue to stick it together, along with 2,700 rivets, but this saves 420 kgs of weight.

Intrigued I wanted to more about the use of adhesives in manufacturing, so I found this website.  This link explains how glue is used in a wide variety of ways to manufacture not just cars, but also aircraft, ships, boats and trains.  It discuss in some detail its application in six areas:

  1. Vehicle bodywork construction
  2. Safety improvements
  3. Bonding glass in vehicles
  4. Aircraft manufacture
  5. Rail vehicle manufacture
  6. Construction of containers
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