Steve Jobs talks about managing people

This two minute video is from a longer interview that Steve Jobs gave.  This snippet focuses on Apple’s organisational culture and Jobs’ philosophy with regards how people should be managed.  It would make a good OM Tutorial Activity i.e. starting point for a discussion about why Apple is run this way, and whether or not other firms could, or should, be organised like this.

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One Response to Steve Jobs talks about managing people

  1. I suggested this as a Tutorial Activity. It would be even better if this two minute clip could be contrasted with another leader whose style was very different, albeit both managing organisations with a ‘power culture’. At the I was thinking of Ron Dennis of McLaren, and I tried to find clip of him talking about delegation and teamwork, but failed. Yesterday it occurred to me that Gordon Ramsey would be a great contrast, and I’m sure there of numerous clips of him demonstrating his style.


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