Please give us feedback online – after entering your 14 digit code

Having failed to get a meal at the motorway services from hell (see previous blog), we stop at the Pizza Hut on the A27 at Chichester.  Now it’s a long time since we’ve used this operator, as our children are all grown up.  Many of the customers in Chichester, at 8.30 on Friday evening, were under 10.  No problem.

On our receipt it states this – “give us your feedback at” – so this is what I plan to say….

  1. Requiring customers to enter a 14 digit code is unnecessary and silly.  It will deter many people from giving you feedback, especially if they make an error doing so.
  2. The food was excellent, especially it’s freshness – even on the salad bar.
  3. Portion size was sensible and the meal good value (bottled beers are overpriced).
  4. Staff were courteous and friendly, but service errors were made despite it not being busy.
  5. Pizza Hut Chichester is now my restaurant of choice – for a quick meal – when using the A27/M27.


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2 Responses to Please give us feedback online – after entering your 14 digit code

  1. Jamie says:

    Enjoyed your last two posts, good to recognise the good along with the bad! I came across this link today which you might find interesting, can’t verify its truthfulness but it compares customer differences between now and 10 years ago – essentially, delays caused by customers playing with their phones!


  2. Thanks Jamie. Your link was great, I’ll blog about it here shortly. With regards my ‘restaurant reviews’ I hope I am always fair. I opened and ran my own restaurant in Brussels for two years, back in the mid-1970s. So I can see things from both the customer’s and operator’s perspectives.


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