Nice idea – wrong image?

I came across this on thepoke…  There are a series of poster designs promoting the message ‘Don’t work harder, work intelligent (sic)’.  These show men pushing large cubes across the floor, with one man – ahead of the others – pushing a sphere that he has carved out of his cube with a penknife.  Nice image, right?  Except it has been analysed by someone who is obviously an operations researcher…

Turning the cube into a sphere may help it be moved more easily, but not without some important downsides, as follows:

  • the waste created by carving it out of the cube is 47.64%
  • the time taken to do it (with a small penknife) must have been considerable
  • the object is now difficult to store, because unlike the cubes, it cannot be stacked.

Which only goes to show that working smarter is not as easy as it might appear.

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