Will the Energica Ego be able to overcome the sound barrier?

The Energica Ego is an electric super bike that’s about to be launched onto the market in 2015.  At first sight, this feels like an oxymoron – an electric motorbike that does 0 to 100 mph in under three seconds, with a top speed of 150 mph?  Sustainable it might be, but will the average biker be interested in this?  Already this year, the F1 community has been moaning about the new hybrid cars, not because they don’t go fast, but because they don’t sound like racing cars.  They’re too quiet.  And earlier in the week, watching a documentary about Mods and Rockers in the UK, I learned that the first thing a Rocker did with his or her new bike, was shove a broom handle up the exhaust.  This broke the baffles and hence made it roar even louder.  Clearly an order qualifier for a motor bike is that it sounds like a motor bike, and maybe an order winner for the Ego is that it sounds like an authentic superbike.

Fortunately Energica understand this.  On their website they have a list of FAQs.  The very first of which is – “[Isn’t] an electric motorbike quiet?”.  Their reply is that – “..the sound of an Ego is a roar that will astonish you”.   Clever.

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