How Google Glasses can provide insight from the consumer perspective

A few days ago I blogged about how operators had to try to see things from the customer’s perspective.  Since then I have come across this teacher’s blog, recording how over the period of a year, she had trialled the use of Google Glasses in the classroom.  This product has now been officially launched and is set to transform operations in many ways, most of which are yet to be fully understood.  But as this blog illustrates, the impact of this technology is likely to be profound.

In simple terms, Margaret Powers has asked the children to wear the glasses when engaged in a wide variety of tasks.  Because there is then a video and audio recording of what took place, it is possible to see that experience through the eyes and ears of the child.  As a result of this, the blog records a whole series of ‘gestalts’ – insights that explain something not previously understood.

In the videos themselves, it is possible to see when a child has that moment, when the penny drops and it all makes sense.  For the teachers, that penny dropping experience is when they watch the videos.  All kinds of things flow from this, too many to be explored here.  But two things are worth emphasising.  First, the ability to see things literally through the eyes of another, is hugely powerful and insightful.  Second, how people behave and learn is highly individual, and hence very challenging.

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2 Responses to How Google Glasses can provide insight from the consumer perspective

  1. Jamie says:

    Very interesting! When will you be introducing this in your Ops Mgt lectures? 🙂


    • We are currently in dialogue with OUP about a second edition of the book. This will incorporate material from the blog, either by adding new content or modifying existing content. Hopefully many of the Operations Insights will be new (or taken from the blog). As a result of this updating process, all our lectures will also be updated and incorporate much of the new content. I fully expect Google Glasses to be part of this process.


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