Farmaggedon – the controversy of applying mass production to rearing livestock

Compassion in World Farming has reopened the debate about how our livestock should be reared with the publication of a new book ‘Farmaggedon’.   In what is described as an “exposé”, the book explains how ‘factory’ farming has adopted the principle of economies of scale and the techniques of mass production and applied it to rearing beef cattle, poultry and other animals.  In doing so, according to CWF, the agricultural industry “endangers everything we hold dear: our health; our livelihoods; our countryside; the welfare of animals”.

For insight into this ethical issue, The Grocer conducted an online ‘debate‘ with four experts on different sides of the argument:

  • Deputy President of the National Farmers Union
  • One of the authors of Farmaggedon
  • Agricultural Director of a large scale agricultural producer
  • Chair of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association

Each responded to questions about the ethics of factory farming, the role that different supply chain stakeholders should play in informing this debate, and the implications for food security.

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