The dark side of performance targets

Over the last couple of years, the Home Secretary has scrapped most centrally imposed performance targets for police forces around the UK.  This was because government has come to believe that they are counter productive and lead to unintended consequences.  However, it seems that the police forces themselves have not abandoned such targets, and might in fact be increasing their use.

This has lead to the Metropolitan Police Federation conducting a survey of its members to find out the implications of this.  Their report concludes that many targets are “meaningless”, “nonsensical”, and “unrealistic”, and their use has created a “climate of fear” amongst officers.  It would seem that under performing officers are set “action plans’, which are in effect, a set of individual performance targets against which each officer will be measured.    Some officers regard this as being ‘bullied’ by their managers.

Clearly, senior managers think this approach works, and they point to levels of crime in the capital going down.

Source: BBC News


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