New design for Holiday Inn Express announced today

Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) have announced in a press release that they have designed a new prototype Holiday Inn Express.  This has incorporated changes to both guest bedrooms and the hotel’s public spaces.

New guest room features include:

  • “Functional and flexible work space allowing for maximum productivity
  • Functional storage units providing horizontal luggage storage that allows guests to maximize their space
  • Moveable seating allowing guests to use the space in ways that work best for them
  • New decor for both the guest room and public area feature neutral colors and interesting textural combinations”.

The lobby has been redesigned so that it features:

  • “An inviting and flexible space featuring a business center and 24/7 market
  • Individual check-in pods in the front lobby of the hotel increases interaction between hotel staff and guests. In addition, staff members at check-in pods have a view of the entire great room, enabling responsive service when needed
  • Stylish and welcoming areas conveying spacious, comfortable seating with a dedicated area for the Holiday Inn Express brand’s Express Start™ breakfast bar
  • Meeting space that is businesslike and uncluttered, utilizing both functional and natural light”.
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