Consumer services transformed by remote sensing?

Many sectors of industry have been transformed by the use of remote sensors (for instance Rolls Royce monitor their aero engines when in use and water companies monitor pumps, tanks and pipes).   This same concept is now being applied to households, so that consumers can benefit directly from this technology.  Examples include:

  • Horticultural friends of ours specialise in designing and ‘installing’ gardens in the second homes of wealthy Greeks.  Often used for just one or two months a year, those gardens were either neglected or badly maintained.  But now they can look great, especially when the owners are in residence, through the selection of the right plants and the installation of an automatic watering system.  This monitors both temperature and rainfall in order to decide whether or not to water plants during the night.
  • A similar technology – moisture sensors – is being used by insurance companies to monitor homes for water leaks, thereby reducing insurance premiums for home owners.
  • Home care for the elderly or vulnerable is also being aided by devices that assist the home owner to live a more active life on their own, by providing support for practical tasks such as taking medicines, and reassurance in the event of some crisis.
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