Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy

McKinsey Global Institute has produced a major report into 12 ‘disruptive’ technologies that will change the world.  This link takes you to alternative downloads about this – a podcast, executive summary, full report, and even a book.

The 12 technologies are:

  1. 3D printing.*
  2. The internet of things i.e. digital devices ‘talking’ to and reacting to each other.*
  3. Mobile internet.
  4. Automation of knowledge work.
  5. Cloud technology.*
  6. Advanced robotics.*
  7. Autonomous or near autonomous vehicles.
  8. Next generation genomics.
  9. Energy storage.
  10. Advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery.
  11. Renewable energy.*
  12. Advanced materials.*

*  These are topics we have blogged about in the last few months – unaware of the MGI report until now.

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