ASDA’s Happy Christmas

ASDA have just issued a press release reporting on their sales before Christmas.  Here are some extracts from it, with our comments….

“The 23rd December was the busiest day in store, with a record 4.8m customers passing through our 573 UK sites” – that means the average flow through of customer per store was 8,377, 0r six customers a minute (assuming 24 hour opening).

“The increased footfall was virtual as well as physical this year, with our biggest online Christmas ever – on both the 21st and 22nd of December we exceeded £5m of Grocery Home Shopping sales in one day for the first, and second time” – cementing the importance of ecommerce in this sector.

“Mobile apps played a huge part in our success with 28% of Grocery Home Shopping sales being ordered through the Smartphone app in December, while mobile app sales were up over 200% on last year” – the app helps to drive online sales, as it makes ordering so much simpler.

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One Response to ASDA’s Happy Christmas

  1. Tony Hinchliffe says:

    It’s interesting that some retailers seem to be getting their operational strategy right with Next, Ted Baker, John lewis and Asda all showing increase in sales and footfall Christmas 2013, however, others like mothercare and Debenhams have failed. Perhaps this was down to a mix of discounted products and inferior on-line marketing. Lets hope they don’t follow the path of HMV!


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