Triumph Motorcycles international strategy

Triumph Motorcycles have just announced their financial results for 21012/13.  Of interest is what their press release has to say about their home and international markets, as follows:

“The Triumph Group’s recognition as a worldwide brand continued to grow and its overall market share has increased to 6.0% (2012 – 5.7%) in a challenging economic climate particularly in Europe, particularly Italy, France and Spain, three key markets for Triumph . The global 500cc plus motorcycle market has fallen by 6.4% during the 12 month period to date.

“Triumph’s sales performance was particularly pleasing in the UK, US and Brazil; Triumph’s retail market share in the UK increased to 20.1% maintaining its market leading position. During the year Triumph benefited from an excellent initial first year performance upon entry to the Brazilian market, capturing 3.4% market share. Triumph has also set up operations in the Indian market with the official launch on 28th November, 2013”.

Triumph had two main manufacturing plants, one in Leicestershire (which makes its newer models), and one in Thailand, (making older models).  But to support expansion into South America, it has also set up a plant in Brazil.

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