Automation innovation

Maybe one way to overcome the truculence of the new workforce (see previous blog) is to automate?   There is a great overview of how processes have been automated over the last few years on the Automation World website.  This goes on to predict in what ways processes will automated in the near future – based around ethernet technologies, virtualization, advanced graphics and mobility.

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2 Responses to Automation innovation

  1. elias patel says:

    Fast forward to a day when hand built will be irrelevant???…you can get customisation and personalisation at mass production prices…and the Ferrari’s of this world trade order winning artisan craftsmanship for order winning bleeding edge technologies such as active aerodynamics and turbocharging (again)…lets see how long Ducati can remain hand built in Italy under Audi ownership and increasing lure of automation technologies


    • We recently purchased a second hand Land Rover. The sales guy made a big thing of it being ‘hand built’. I nearly told him that he had put me off purchasing the vehicle, as robot-built vehicles are much more reliable than hand built ones (at this price point at least).


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