Parking at Glastonbury

I now live close enough to Glastonbury to have heard the Stones perform outside in my garden.  Neighbours had said that we would notice a change in traffic flow around festival time – but we didn’t.  But this got me thinking about how the organisers coped with all the fans and vehicles.  The Glastonbury Festival website has some fascinating insights into this…

  • The car parks open at 21.00 hours the day before the festival starts, with many fans arriving in the early hours.  But as there are no facilities open until 08.00 of the first day, these early birds are expected to stay in their vehicles until this time.
  • “There are four main entrances for cars, depending upon where you are coming from. Follow the P signs to get to the nearest available parking spaces. Sometimes parking staff have to fill some of the car parks further from the site before some that are closer. This is done to keep traffic moving on the public highways and keep us at peak parking capabilities for as long as possible. It is random, dependent upon the traffic on the highway at that time so you cannot plan to park in a particular parking field”.
  • The worst time to arrive is on the first day between 07.00 and 14.00 hours.
  • “The worst times to leave by car are on Monday between 12 midnight and 1am and then between 9am and 5pm when there can be long delays of up to 9 hours to leave the car parks”.
  • Traffic news is routinely reported on the Festival radio station and Twitter account.

I think I’ll just sit in the garden.

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