Fracking in the UK

We suspect that we shall be blogging about fracking in the years to come, so this article on the BBC website seems to be a good place to start.  In it, Roger Harrabin, explains that fracking is the means by which gas is extracted from shale rocks deep below the surface.   A study in the UK has showed that under Yorkshire and Lancashire alone there may be enough gas to met the UK’s energy needs for decades.   The problem is that no one knows if these reserves of gas can be turned into a useable resource.   We will not know this until the first wells are drilled.

However, as the article explains, the exploitation of shale gas in this way is controversial.   There are fears that the extraction process may have unintended outcomes, namely the setting off of small earthquakes and the pollution of water supplies.  Consequently there is likely to be considerable debate about whether or not fracking will proceed in the face of potential public opposition.

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