New hydroponic and aeroponic technology

Gardening, especially in the UK, is a large market – which is why we feature Hozelock in chapter 2.   Right now, it’s a major preoccupation of mine, as I have just moved house and our new garden is a mess.   Which might explain how I came across this story on the BBC website about two new technologies – one to enable the growth of plants hydroponically (ie in water), and the other aeroponically (i.e. in the air).  The order winner for both these products is that they enable people to grow plants in very small spaces, and even indoors or on rooftops.

Bitponics is an automated hydroponics device, that monitors temperature, PH levels and humidity, and adjusts these as required, by switching on or off the system’s lighting or pumps.  The technology is cloud-based, which also means that users can be linked through a website into ‘community’ – sharing their ideas and experiences, with regards planning what to grow and reporting on how well it does.

Tower Garden, on the other hand, is an aeroponic system.  It consists of a vertical column, in which seeds can be planted at different levels, with a reservoir at its base, from which a pump feeds the roots every few minutes.

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