RFU ‘grass roots’ investment in lead up to Rugby World Cup

We’ve had an ‘Entertainment and Sport’ category for the last eighteen months, but we’ve found it hard to find OM news to blog about in this area.   I was reminded about this by an article on the BBC Business in Sport website, which talks about what the Rugby Football Union (RFU) is doing in preparation for the 2015 World Cup.  Given that they see this as launch pad for significantly increasing both participation in the game and attendance at matches, you would think that their investment would focus on order winners (OWs) – the things that differentiate the game from other sports.  But it seems they are focusing on order qualifiers (OQs) – the basics that any operator has to get right if they are stay in the market.  Let’s see if you agree with me…

Some of the investment is going into training new referees to support the amatuer clubs.  This is definitely an OQ, not an OW – any new player of the game would expect there to be decent referees.  More investment is going to 500 selected clubs, for them to spend on playing kit and facilities.  Once again this is fairly basic stuff, although it might be argued that if a club gets a really snazzy playing strip, its aesthetic appeal might ‘win’ new players.  After all, everyone thinks the All Black’s kit is cool.  And finally the investment is going into developing 5,000 volunteers, largely to promote the game in schools and colleages.  Which begs the question – what OWs are these volunteers going to focus on in order to achieve this?

Which leads me to a final thought – maybe it’s not rugby that’s the ‘problem’?   Maybe the concept of OWs is not appropriate in this context, OR (and this might be even more interesting) sports operators do have OWs, they’re just not the conventional ones that we identify in our book?   If so, what are they?

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