Outcome of Dreamliner design fault – most interesting

As you know we have been following the Dreamliner story with some interest.  Today the BBC reports that “Boeing has admitted that it may never know what caused the battery malfunctions that resulted in all its 787 Dreamliner aircraft being grounded”.  It seems that the company has been unable to identify a single root cause of the fault – even though they have invested 200,000 man hours in trying to resolve this.

Hence they have redesigned the battery and its configuration in order to eliminate all the possible causes.  The installation of this will take five days per plane and require team of ten engineers.  Boeing have therefore set up 30 such teams in an effort to get the planes flying again as quickly as possible.  We will find out how much this whole crisis has cost the firm when they release their quarterly financial results shortly.  It won’t be peanuts.

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