Thorntons announce better than forecast profit expectations

Thorntons, the UK chocolate maker, feature as the opening Case Insight to chapter 5.  But this company is not only interesting from the point of view of its supply chain, it is also in the process of realigning its operations strategy.  We blogged about this some months ago.  And this new strategy appears to be working, since the company today released a press statement stating that it expected its pre-tax profit to be ahead of the forecast £3.1 million.  This identifies that trading had been good over three key periods of high demand – Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Easter.

Thorntons provide great insight into their new strategy in their Half-yearly Report 2013.  The highlights of this are two fold.  First, they have modified their distribution strategy by reducing the number of retail outlets they operate themselves, whilst growing the commercial sales of own label products.  Second, they have invested in new product development and innovation in an effort to encourage repeat business.

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