Oyu Tolgoi

You probably have not heard of this copper and gold mine, but you will.  It has just started production, having been discovered in 2001, and is set to become the biggest such mine in the world.  It is located in southern Mongolia and is forecast to provide more than 30% of that country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for years to come.  So it is not just a significant commercial investment, it is also fundamental to the future prosperity of the Mongolian people.  So the operators are striving to ensure they are responsible in their operating policies.  For instance, they are trying to recruit as many of the 4,000 workforce from amongst the Mongolian population as possible.

Because of its size and scale, it is clear that the mine will have a significant environmental impact too.  But it seems that the operators are making great efforts to minimise this impact, especially with regards water usage and conservation.   It is claimed that this operation will also be the most technologically advanced mine in the world.  Both open cast and underground mining will take place.

For more about this operation take a look at the Oyu Tolgoi website.

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