Unethical supply chain…

We blogged on 16th January about horse meat being found in burgers being sold in supermarkets.  Now Findus have found that much of the meat in their frozen lasagne is not beef.  The company found that 11 out of the 18 products they tested contained 60% to 100% horse meat.  They immediately withdrew the product from sale and recalled it from the shops that they had supplied it to.  But, of course, no one knows how long this has been the case, nor how widespread this might be.

It turns out the supermarkets continue to have problems with their suppliers.  Three weeks ago, Irish food manufacturers were in the spotlight, now a major French supplier has admitted that their products might contain horse meat.  In addition, a supplier of halal meat products to the UK prison service was found to have allowed pork to be present in their products.

All of this is putting the Food Standards Agency under a great deal of pressure and scrutiny.  They do not routinely test products themselves, but monitor suppliers to see that they have the proper systems in place and liaise closely with local authorities who do carry out testing.  It is now being suggested that the practice of passing off horse meat as beef is now so widespread that it cannot be accidental, and that it is the result of criminal activity.

Source: BBC News

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