Location key OW

The Manufacturer has an article on its website about Wensleydale Diary Products (WDP).  It reports on investment in its site and the effect this will have on efficiency and capacity – both of which are core OM issues.  But that is not what interested us most about the article…

It also mentions that WDP are applying to the European Union to get protected food status for Yorkshire Wensleydale.  That is to say, only cheese products produced in Wensleydale itself will be able to use this product name.   It is a sign of authenticity – which we have blogged about before as being an order winner not yet included in the textbook.   Hence WDP have to remain located on their current site if they are to be able to exploit this particular order winner.

Another interesting facet of the plant redevelopment is that the site and its buildings are being reorganised so that they can also function as a visitor attraction.  This is so additional revenue can be generated from tourists.  And it’s another good example of servitisation.

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