Heathrow at 99% utilisation

A new report has again emphasised how intensively Heathrow airport is being used.  It says that the airport is operating at 99% of its design capacity (see page 175 for an explanation of ‘utilisation’)) and that this is costing the UK economy £14 billion in lost trade.    The report ‘One hub or none’ goes on to argue that it makes no sense for the UK to have a second ‘hub airport’, so that the only alternative is to expand Heathrow by adding a third runway.  This of course has provoked a fierce response from those opposed to Heathrow’s expansion, largely on environmental grounds.  This BBC article provides insight into these arguments.   Do not expect the debate to be resolved quickly.  Moreover whatever the outcome – a third runway or new airport – it will be at least a decade before it is built.

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