The magic of good service?

Before we start – there is no ‘magic’.  Providing good service is sheer hard work – every minute, of every hour, of every day by every employee.   This article in The Economist, that talks about the “magic of good service”, reviews the book Outside In, written by consultants Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine.  They identify that around one third of US service copmpanies are rated as fairly poor or poor when it comes to service.  Hence they go on to look at examples of highly rated companies, in order to identify what it is that they do to deliver good service.  In the article, examples are given from Zappos, Accor, Rosetta Stone, Circles and Geek Squad.  The article’s author then goes on to have a personal rant about self-service and the use of technology by service companies – failing to understand it’s not these things in themselves that are bad, but how they are used by service firms to meet the needs of customers (or not, as the case may be).

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