3D printed arms

This video shows 4 year old Emma Lavalle using her ‘magic arms’.  Emma was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), which means she is unable to use her arms.  Her mother found that there was a system called WREX that assisted people with this kind of disability, but normally it was designed for older people, often confined to a wheelchair.  So Ms. Lavalle tasked its designers to make something that Emma could use.  They were therefore faced with two challenges – it had to be made smaller and it had to be made out of lightweight materials.  The solution was brilliantly simple.   The product was already a computer aided design, so scaling it down was relatively straightforward.  And it was then ‘manufactured’ by using 3D printing, which produced something that was light enough and robust enough for Emma to use.   As she is still growing, the arms do not have to last for too long, before they can be replaced by a new slightly scaled up version.

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