Operations Insight: quirky.com

Quirky is a consumer product company that invents, designs, develops and retails new products.   But it does so in a completely contemporary way – by using the internet and crowdsourcing to get ideas and develop its products.  So as well as its own in-house team, quirky has thousands of people all over the world contributing to new product development via the web. If the product is developed and goes on sale through quirky’s own online store, then the inventor and designers that contributed to that product’s development get a share of the profit. 

There are many advantages to this approach.  First, quirky’s ‘community’ is a far larger group of inventors and designers than one single company would ever be able to employ.  This means that many, many ideas are generated.  But second, by using the internet, these ideas can be screened and analysed more quickly by that community.  Third, even before a product is manufactured and launched there is already market awareness of this product, at least amongst those that subsrcribe to quirky.com.

If you want to know more, this BBC video explains and illustrates the concept.   And of course there is the quirky.com website.

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