Developing managers for industry

Earlier this month, the Institute of Leadership and Management published a report – The leadership and management talent pipeline.  This identifies that 2.2 million new managers will be needed between 2007 and 2017, whilst at the same time the quality of management in UK business is lagging behind that of managers in other countries.  In the ILM survey, 93% of respondents shared this concern about managerial skills.

The ILM report goes on to explain how firms go about appointing and promoting managers.  They found that they tend to appoint junior managers on the basis of their technical expertise or operational experience, but then resort to recruitment agencies to appoint more senior managers from outside the firm – as they have not developed the junior managers more generic managerial skills.  The ILM argues that it is in the best interests of companies to devote more time to developing their own pipeline of of talent, rather than bring in outsiders, who may not fit with the culture of the organisation.

Accompanying this report is an infographic, which provides all the headline facts from the survey.

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