How Innovation fits with your Business Model and Growth

There’s a really good interview with  Mark W. Johnson, the co-founder and senior partner of Innosight, and author of Seizing the White Space – which is described as “a business model innovation playbook for executives”.   If you can cut through this hype, Johnson has some really interesting things to say about innovation, how this fits into a firm’s business model, and (in the second part of the interview) how this relates to the growth of the firm.  His explanation of a business model is different to that of Spring and Mason (2010), which we explain in chapter 14 (pages 372-374), but there are some clear similarities between the two.  For instance, what he calls the ‘customer-value proposition’ is similar to Spring and Mason’s ‘market offering’.   However Johnson includes the concept of ‘profit formula’ in his version of a business model – which we think is quite neat.

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