UK investment in advanced aerospace manufacturing

The UK government and business are collaborating in order to create a new £80m package to support advances in aerospace and advanced manufacturing.  The Government is investing £25m, and business, led by Rolls-Royce, a further £40m.  This money will support a number of collaborative research and technology projects, to be known as Strategic Affordable Manufacturing in the UK through Leading Environmental Technology (SAMULET II).  The main aim of this programme is to  investigate new manufacturing processes in order to increase productivity and make better use of resources.

The Government’s investment in SAMULET II will be delivered through the Technology Strategy Board (TSB).    The Chief executive of the TSB stated that “Innovation in advanced, high value, manufacturing is fundamental to [the UK’s] future success and is a major driver of economic growth”.  Alongside this, Rolls-Royce will work with other companies and universities, making use of the ‘High Value Manufacturing Catapult’ facilities – such as those at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and the Nuclear AMRC in Rotherham.

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